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Have you looked at a bar lately and noticed how many
different flavors of vodka seem to be popping up?
Suddenly bars are stacked with fruit-flavored vodkas
and spice-based vodkas. Do you wonder how the new
flavors are served? Do you mix them with something
or serve them straight up? And if you mix them, with
what? And whatever happened to regular old vodka?

Read and Post Reviews on your favorite Vodkas.

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1 Gem Clear Vodka

2 Pani Walewska (38%) Vodka

3 Absolut Vanilia Vodka

4 Adler Vodka

5 Absolut Vodka

6 Absolut Vodka (50%)

7 Absolut Citron Vodka

8 Absolwent (38%) Vodka

9 Ultimat Vodka

You've come to the right place! Our site provides you with a constantly updated listing of the vodka offerings on the market, as well as new and exciting ways to mix and serve them. You'll find tons of inventive drinks using all the new flavors of vodka, as well as the standard kind. Pick a flavor and take a look. You might just find yourself a new favorite!
Many women like sweet drinks, which is why they're often called "girly drinks". After reading this site, you'll be able to order that woman you have your eye on the perfect drink to get you noticed. And if the bartender doesn't know the drink yet, you can teach him, and won't THAT make an impression on a certain someone?